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            北京云翼同創科技有限公司 深圳高博特文化發展有限公司   版權所有,并保留所有權利 ? 2018 京ICP備16044150號-1                       

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            現代科技的發展正在遠離地面的高空里推動著一場顛覆性的技術革命,在新一輪科技革命和產業變革孕 育時期,全球創新格局面臨深刻變化,一個龐大的、嶄新的高空產業已然誕生。

            現代科技的發展正在遠離地面的高空里推動著一場顛覆性的技術革命,在新一輪科技革命和產業變革孕 育時期,全球創新格局面臨深刻變化,一個龐大的、嶄新的高空產業已然誕生。

            A disruptive technological revolution is taking place high off the ground thanks to development of modern technology. In the incubation of next-round technological revolution and industry renovation, global innovation map is facing profound change, thus giving birth to an enormous, new industry in the air.


            The exhibition will focus on the show of UAV, unmanned ship, unmanned vehicle, unmanned underwater submarine and bionic machinery and other newest types, technology and supporting services at home and abroad with comprehensive and professional exhibition platform. By holding the unmanned system technology achievements communication meeting with integration ofvarious and abundant exhibitions , technical exchanges, flight performance, aerial competitions, makers zone and trade negotiations, forming strong effect of the aggregation of professional exhibitors and business passengers at home and abroad, whole industry chain, hi-tech achievements, market information and talent and makers. By giving full play to the advantages of professional, it allows global visitors and exhibitors to understand major challenges in this field and provide convenient service of excellent cost performance. Also, it helps visitors to form partnerships in industry, technology and finance, and benefit from new business opportunities worldwide.